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In the meantime here’s a sensual poem I wrote a while back.




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As the hour drew ever near,

Haunting feelings start to clear.

Twitching, jerking,

Barely lurking.

I trail my fingers down below,

My passion quickly starts to grow.

Taunting, luring,

Gently burning.

A searching finger ‘tween my lips,

Desire flaring ‘cross my hips.

Yearning, teasing,

Barely pleasing.

Glancing up, I catch your eyes,

You must imagine my surprise.

Shocking, fleeting,

Cheeks reheating.

Rapidly closing the bedroom door,

You toss your clothes upon the floor.

Floating, swirling,

Slowly whirling.

Fingers encircle your throbbing head,

As you join me on the bed.

Thrusting, clasping,

Voices gasping.

Explosions dance before my eyes,

As you shudder ‘tween my thighs.

Laughing, kissing,

Deeply missing.

Your arms around me, I relax,

Drifting slowly from our climax.



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