Curiosity Kills


Photograph Credit: Unknown

Standing before the broken door,

I wondered what hid below the floor.

Myths and rumors had traveled far,

Reaching my ears in that disgraceful bar.

There I sat, drunk with my beer.

Never having known, what was ‘true fear’.

When beside me, an old man sat down,

He creaked a smile, with teeth stained brown.

His hands were gnarled, his back was bent.

Appearing so old, his life nearly spent.

He crooked a finger, beckoning me close,

Leaning nearer, I scrunched my nose.

He reeked of things, I dared not name,

Whispering words of fortune and fame.

Looking back, I know not why,

I dared to believe what must be a lie.

Breathing deeply, I shifted my pack,

Wondering if now was time to turn back?

Shaking my head, I had to know,

What it was that lurked below.

I stepped into the ruined hall.

Moss and grime clung to the wall.

I headed further into the dark,

Flicking my lighter, a flash and spark.

A doorway appeared, near at hand,

With stairs that led into the land.

Glancing back, I saw the day,

And headed down, to my dismay.

I stumbled once, my foot did slip,

Tumbling deeper, I banged my hip.

I shouted out once in my pain,

Stretching my limbs, I felt no sprain.

‘pon getting up, I rubbed my head,

Carefully forward I did tread.

Until in the dimness there was a collision,

And a bent-back figure filled my vision.

Blood red eyes and dripping fangs,

Lank white hair that limply hangs.

Dread and fear encompass from head to toe,

As a familiar voice begins to grow,

“Well now, Dearie, I do say,

It’s about time you came to play.”

-Jessica Mayo 10-29-2018


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