Photograph credit: clipart-library.com

On a hill there sat a child,

Dreaming dreams of all things wild.

Tigers, lions, bears, and boars,

Believing magic must be no more.

Glancing up, he heard a sound,

Friendly dragons romped around!

Cross the fields they made their way,

Laughing loudly all at play.

Father, Mother, Sister, Brother,

Chasing tails, they teased each other.

Gasping softly, half in doubt,

How were dragons still about?

Trying mightily to be brave,

He dared a shout and gave a wave.

Here and there the dragons glanced,

Snapping wings and feet that pranced.

Finally spying the little boy,

They hoped quietly there be no ploy.

Approaching slowly, they drew near,

Trembling softly, the boy showed fear.

“Hail there, boy! We mean no harm,”

“We are quite sorry to raise your alarm!”

Sighing relieved, the boy did say,

“That’s quite alright, may we play?”

Roaring laughter filled the air,

“Rightly so! If you dare!”

And as the sun began to set,

Boy and dragons were glad they met.

-Jessica Mayo 10-25-2018


3 thoughts on “Dragons

      1. Hello Jessica,
        I’m finally setting up a WordPress Blog for my poetry, quotes, etc. It’s incredibly complex and now I know why I procrastinated for so long. With a lot of luck maybe I’ll be able to launch in a week or less. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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