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Photograph Credit: Pixabay on pexels.com

Sometimes a random thought can turn into an elegant phrase or a fun thing to say. Or you just get one of those random short poems you love so much. This is a collection of some of mine.


Two souls entwined,

By passions design,

Take flight to heights unknown.

Our bodies combined,

With minds that align,

Seductive to behold.

This loves sublime,

And totally mine,

A treasure to hold close.


Good morning, Neverland!

The rising Sun’s at hand.

Time to raise your weary head,

Safe and snug, warm in your bed.

Time to open sleepy eyes,

The day might hold a new surprise!


Nightly poems are my norm,

And when I wake upon the morn,

My smile shines bright,

With dawns early light.



I didn’t even know it,

I became a poet,

My heart began to show it,

How lucky must I be?


Lucid dreams,

To mesmerize.

Sultry words,

That compromise.

Tempting caress,

It’s unwise.

Pilfered kisses,

Her demise.


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